A Saint Lucia Condominium Property that’s Jazzing it this Season

Saint Lucia Jazz 2011 is Rocking!

Saint Lucia Jazz Festival will be totally rock this year!  The island’s music festival has become known for its great party vibe and soothing selections. This year we’re celebrating its 20th Anniversary from April 30th to May 10th. The music festival will certainly be a welcomed distraction for jazz and music lovers on island as well as visitor’s to our shores. So many music lovers are screaming for a vacation away from the economy, the housing market crash, the mortgage meltdown, foreclosures, economic double dipping, civil unrest and stress and more stress. The St Lucia Jazz Festival is just what the doctor ordered. Personally, I think there’s no better time to visit St Lucia than during the St Lucia Jazz Festival.

Whatever your taste, style or interest there is definitely gonna be a vibe for you. St Lucia jazz is not just the music. It’s a complete vibe.  With top headlines like our famous St Lucian jazz musician, Boo-Hinkson, as well as Derede Williams, St Lucia Collective and Augustin Jab Duplessis, along with Yellow Jackets, Mike Stern & Richard Bona, Mervin Wilkinson, Treysongz, Angelic Kidjo, Morgan Heritage, and my personal favorite, John Legend, set to hit the stage, it’s gonna be nothing but awesome!

Front View Dore Haven condos

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A Fool Proof Guide to Finding Your St Lucia Property

Buying a St Lucia property can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling financial investments that you make. But it can also drive you to extreme frustration. For the first time home buyer, the process can be especially tedious and sometimes intimidating. But don’t pull your hair out just yet. Here is simple guide to buying real estate in St Lucia.

1. Know your Real Estate Needs

Think about your reason for wanting to own St. Lucia property and which type of property will best satisfy your real estate needs. Decide early what kind of property you what to invest in and why. Are you buying property for a quick flip or will you hold onto it long-term? Should you buy residential or commercial real estate? What features must your property have in order to fulfill your real estate needs and objectives? Make a distinct list of the features and amenities that best suit you, and keep it handy because you’ll need to reference it later. How long are you likely to hold onto your property? If it’s you intend to flip your property on the market soon after you will need to consider how you will maximise your return on investment. If you intend to keep your property long term then it must coincide with your plans for the next 3 to 5 years.
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St Lucia Real Estate: Simply Irresistible

Saint Lucia Property, Prime St. Lucia Real Estate

St. Lucia Real Estate

Many buyers from overseas are enquiring about owning  St Lucia commercial real estate and residential properties and discovering why the island is gaining popularity as a top real estate investment destination in the Caribbean.  In recent time, St Lucia has been considered one of the top real estate investment destinations in the Caribbean. Improvements in infrastructure, attractive investment incentives, construction incentives and easy purchasing process are some of the reasons why buyers are choosing to own real estate in Saint Lucia.
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